So This is the New Year

And I don't feel any different?

Well, kind of, anyway. To me, the turning of a New Year is a bit odd.

On one hand it should be celebrated. Its a New Year and with all things new comes the opportunity to change, or develop, or evolve, or whatever.
On the other hand, its essentially just the turning of another day. No more special than say, Wednesday changing to Thursday. Unless you like to celebrate random days, which could actually be quite fun come to think it.

But anyway, its a good excuse just to change stuff about myself.
I know its actually the 8th of January now, but I go back to uni on the 10th. And traveling a long way to somewhere still a little different seems like a good psychological boost to start something new. So, with that in mind, when I get back to Falmouth I'm going to try and change a few things about myself.
  • Be more organised - Start by actually consciously budgeting my money, and not just buy lots of things I don't actually need.
  • Work harder? - Probably most peoples target, but it makes sense.
  • Drink less - Sounds lame as a student, but I almost always try to get wasted when its not always necessary. Shit that sounds really sad. Ugghh.
  • Do stuff - Like actually do stuff. Not just think of something good or fun or interesting, but actually do it.
  • Have an interest outside of design - A point made by a graduate of Graphics at Falmouth. Its a good one, because I don't think I have many other interests outside of art based stuff. I like music, but so do most people, its a given. So I'll try stuff out and see what I like.
So, there you go. As soon as I get back to Falmouth I'll be a changed person, right?

Currently listening to: Forward Russia!, Cajun Dance Party, Los Campesinos, and still a bit of Late of the Pier and Friendly Fires.

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Anonymous said...

errrr ryan..

those are all my actual resolutions. no joke you totally copy them from my brain. you theif!!!

haha see ya saturday maaybe if im not dead.