Confused, Uninspired, Agitated, Bored, Annoyed

Dark times.

I'm not feeling it right now. Whatever 'it' is. Its mainly my uni work. I think this is probably my worst performance to date. Its not that I've been lazy, quite the opposite. I've done plenty of work, maybe too much, which could be to blame for my confusion and annoyance. But I don't think I'm doing very well. I can't seem to do anything right. It doesn't help that I have a lack of confidence to commit myself to any of my ideas. At the back of my head I'm too worried that I'm doing something wrong, so I just end up going in circles and getting stuck.

The point I'm trying to make is that something somewhere in my head is not right at the moment.
As a result, I can't be fucked to do this sodding project anymore.

I'd like to just have an idea I'm happy with and do it. No matter if the tutors don't like it or if its too 'arty'. The problem is I have no idea.

Maybe I'm not supposed to be a designer.

This blog didn't help either. I though it might in a kind of psychologist way of expressing myself, but no.


Currently listening to: The same shite over and over again. Music isn't helping, and I haven't much new to leech off.

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