I did say.

I said I wanted to go back through some of my university projects from the first year, to improve them, so I can proudly put them in my 'portfolio'.

And recently I have.

One project I was spectacularly unhappy with was for International Mother Language Day. Originally I tried to force the whole declaration of linguistic rights into a double sided poster, that you had to make into a leaflet. It sucked. I was ignorant and stupid. The 'poster' looked crap, and who the hell would bother turning it into a leaflet just so they could bore themselves to death reading a declaration? Plus, I designed it all on illustrator because I didn't have indesign at the time.

So here's some (very loose) mock ups of what i'm going for. They're definatly not perfect, but they're a start. I'm still going for the poster/leaflet angle, but in a much better way than before. I'm hoping to do 10 of these, each with a 'top 10' endangered language.

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