To Do:

I seem to be doing these lists more and more when I know I need to get stuff done. And I've now got one biggun that covers everything in my life, really. So here it is. Its ever-expanding as well, so in a few days, maybe even hours, there'll be more stuff on the list.

- Make a Zine
- Make a website (or at least a welcome page)
- Probably learn stuff about making a website first
- Like how to get domain/server spaces, whatever they are
- Subscribe to more design magazines. Particularly grafik, creative review and maybe eye
- Redesign some of my first year work (its not cheating, i've just had time to step back and re-think!)
- Get a job!
- Meticulously organize my new bedroom, as its tiny
- Get an A3 printer
- Read more design books (not just ones with pretty pictures)
- Do more self initiated projects
- Tell the people I love that I love them
- Make more effort with people
- Get my eyes checked and buy a nice new pair of specs
- Be less lazy; this translates to a lot of things in my life
- Take one picture every day
- Come up with an idea everyday
- Organize my life a bit more. Get a calender and use a diary
- Watch more films with Steph
- Possibly by going to the cinema more
- Get a hobby outside of art & design

The list will grow no doubt. If I do get myself a website I'll probably put this list on it.

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