Not Much

I haven't blogged in a while, but thats because I haven't really done much, or taken many photos, or designed much. Having said that, we did have a short, non-assessed souvenir project which I haven't blogged about, but thats because it wasn't that great. But I might put a bit up here soon. If I get bored.

I've got some photos on the way soon as well as I took my diana to an infamous student festival, so there'll be some more of those overlapped pictures coming soon.

Also good news, this summer I'll be staying in Falmouth, working and just generally enjoying Cornwall when its sunny. But also, me and Dario will be producing a zine! We've been thinking about how one could manifest for ages now, since about the end of the first term, and cos its summer we should have lots of time to do it. So 'watch this space' for that.

What else? erm, nothing I think?
Well, actually I've got a few ideas in my moleskine which might materialize over the summer. Oh, and I'm thinking of cracking on doing a website! We get shown by our tutors at the end of next year, but I want to start developing one now. Probably using indexhibit. I'm hopeless with html and css, and I like the indexhibit layout.

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