Upon Reflection

From my last 10 weeks or so at uni the thing i've learned about the most is people.

I like to think I can read people fairly well. Not judge them or 'label' them (a subject surrounded in much taboo), but just understand certain personalities and characteristics. In what is probably a very subjective viewpoint, I feel I can understand why different people behave in certain ways.

I probably seem really ignorant and/or arrogant, but fuck it, its my blog, and if people disagree then please tell me and maybe I'll be able to learn more about stuff.

I've learned alot about myself as well actually. I reckon I know why I behave in certain ways and do particular things. I've always known I'm a bit of a contradiction, but recently I've discovered a possibility why.

I think its because part of me longs to be accepted in one way or another. A desire for a sense of belonging to something. With a splash of curiosity stirred well with naivety. A hunger to learn more and expand knowledge beliefs and opinions.

But then another side of me is perfectly happy with how and who I am. Proud almost, in who I am. Elitist people will probably say 'well, you should always be yourself! stick to your guns!' blah blah blah. Fair enough, but if you do that all the time you'll just end up being an ignorant twat.

So thats that. I'm getting older, and I'm (slowly) learning more about life in general. Nice.

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