Well. Not much to say, but it feels like there should be something.

Just had Christmas, it was nice, getting to eat lots and not worry about paying for it. Just looking forward to the new year now. And then I have to wait several days before I got back to Cornwall! Can't actually wait.

Actually, that's a good point. I am really looking forward to going back to uni. Its good to see family and friends, but I'm not sure how long the enjoyment might last, before things get repetitive and lame.

I'm trying to stay creative. At the moment I'm either at home alot with time to kill, or I'm out seeing old friends. So in those, at home moments, I kind of need something to do. So far I'm just doodling a bit. But I might make some more animations, or just make something.

Currently listening to: Ladyhawke, Crystal Castles, Tm Juke and Santagold. And a bunch of stuff I got when away.

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