Uuugghhhhh. Its really startig to annoy me how lazy I am, and there seems to be fuck all I can do about it.

Whenever I'm sat in my room trying to knuckle down with uni work I just end up doing anything that isn't work. Facebook is mainly to blame, but everyone knows that already. Another big one for me is films. I get overwhelming urges to watch films, usually ones I've already seen. Music as well, I'll sit on itunes tralling through my music (too much of it being shit) making appauling playlists or listening to an album I'm really digging over and over.

Even doing this blog is wasting time I should be spending on work. Though I am kind of hoping it'll help get over my slackness. In a kind of diary, get all my thoughts out of me, kind of way?

I need a plan of action. I could just hide away my laptop. Or ask for my internet to be cut off but only at certain times, so I have to force myself to be organised by only being able to research in that little window of time where I have internet access.

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